I've been going to Leah for about 6 consecutive weeks now for my anxiety and overactive bladder and I can proudly say that I am running to the bathroom less and I am finally off my anxiety medication! It's such a great and relaxing experience with Leah. The rooms are very calming and comfortable and Leah really takes the time to listen and understand what I need that day. She is able to adjust to what I'm feeling and is there for me in emergencies. I threw out my back the other day and was able to schedule an appointment with her asap. These things of course cannot wait and I definitely preferred going to acupuncture over seeing a chiropractor or taking pain medication.

I highly recommend seeing Leah if you prefer holistic care over western medicine. I even heard that she helped a few women become pregnant which is amazing.

You will not be disappointed!

N. G. (yelp.com)

I have been seeing Leah for a year and she has been very effective in helping me get rid of medication for heart palpitations. Unlike the medication, acupuncture got rid of 100% of my symptoms. I have been taken off the medication of my treatment protocol and this has been approved by my medical doctor since I have had no symptoms since getting acupuncture.

In the process she has also treated me for dampness related infections which has really reduced the use of oral medication. I can't thank her enough for her treatment approach, the outcomes, and her friendly rapport every time.

C. R. (yelp.com)

I have been a patient of Leah's for almost a year. When I first saw her, I had never had acupuncture and was quite afraid of needles! She set my mind at ease and was very gentle. It made all the difference. With the right practitioner, it's actually an enjoyable experience...and it WORKS!

While I was skeptical at first, I kept coming back weekly. Throughout my time with her, Leah has stopped my anxiety attacks (who knew acupuncture could do that?!), eased back pain, bloating, and shrunk a golf ball-sized ovarian cyst in 17 days. But most importantly, she helped me with my fertility issues so that I could conceive! She's very knowledgeable on current IVF / assisted reproduction protocols, and knows precisely how to complement each cycle.

I can't express how grateful I am to Leah, and I will continue to see her as I go through my pregnancy!

V. S. (yelp.com)

Leah has been great in treating my migraines and knee problems. I find her easy to speak to, warm and very good at her field. Her confidence in her work relays in the positive effects from her treatment. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

A. D. (linkedin.com)